I was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1956 to Samuel and Aletha White, when I was six we moved to East Harlem, NY. I attended Commander Shea Memorial School and then in the sixth grade I was lucky enough to attend Monsignor Wm. R. Kelly School which was the precursor to DeLasalle Academy , this was followed by attendance at Cardinal Spellman High School. After graduating high school I briefly attended New York Institute of Technology as a engineering major.
It was after my first year of college that I obtained my first real job at McDonalds. This job led to a 25 year career in the food service industry. From 1974 to 2000 I worked as a assistant manager, a general manager and a training manager. I also spent time working for Protocom Devices, owning a Candy in Bloom store in Fayetteville, NC as well as being a partner in ATouch of Class catering company.
It was in 1975 when the Altair computer appeared in Popular Electronics that my interest in computers began, the Altair was followed by the Commodore VIC-20, C64, B2000, Amiga 500 and Amiga 2000. The Amiga 2000 was way ahead of its time and still functions well.
In the early days there was not a lot of software so if you wanted to do something other than play games you often had to write your own code which is what I learned to do. Over the years I taught myself 68xxx assembly language and BASIC as well as DELPHI, HTML, and other stuff.
In 1999 I decided to return to college to get a degree in computer science, I was already doing freelance work and I thought that the degree would help land bigger and better assignments. Unfortunately, the bottom has dropped out of the market and there are many unemployed IT people out there fighting for the few corporate scraps left.

In 2003 I took my dream trip to Tahiti. It was everything I dreamed of. Tahiti Photos